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Coronovirus Introspection on tour with Louise Hay

We are going through a difficult period in the UK with coronavirus and the implication of an impending self isolation but there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if we can’t see it at this moment in time. This is a time to reflect on many aspects of our lives and to some, a forced introspection on how we want to live with our business, our friends and family.

Motivation in business is really about living life with passion by connecting with like minded people who have the same core values, including clients and co-workers. For me, the core values of authenticity, spirituality and purpose are very important to bring about motivation and tenacity. How do you bring about enthusiasm at age 60 as I am now without these qualities?

For me, it’s made me look at the type of business I want to evolve by getting me to look at some of the best tours that I have done in the last 18 years of trading.

On 29 September 2011, I was asked to do a two-day tour for three people, Louise Hay, Claire Richardson and Nancy Levin. Louise Hay is one of the founders of the self-development movement.

It was supposed to be a British landscape tour including Blenheim palace gardens, Two Bridges and Dartmoor in Devon and the south Devon coastline but it ended up as an amazing spiritual tour for everyone. I went with my intuition and decided to stay at Hazelwood House. Hazelwood House was my favourite spiritual abode in the UK, driving down the drive to the house and parking up at the sacred tree was like coming home. I introduced Louise to my friends Janie, Anabel and Gillian who ran Hazelwood House bringing like-minded people together which became a special evening for all.

Over the last few days, I have reflected over that tour and realise that many clients over the last 18 years have changed their lives because my tours become a sacred space for facilitating conversation and particularly the passenger seat becomes the ultimate therapist couch.

I set up Sikkim tours two years ago in the Himalayan mountains specifically to provide tours based for western nationals, to achieve their high expectation in health and safety using a western guide from the skillset that I acquired in my UK tours.

Over 22 years ago, I was in a monastery in Sikkim with my teacher from Tibet and fell in love with that area and it kept asking me to come back. I had a calling two years ago when visiting a cave high up in the Kalep Valley in North Sikkim.

The following link will give you more details on the hermitage

This calling a year later in November 2018, was the venue for a personal retreat.

I want to provide like-minded people the opportunity to bring healing practise back to basics and to the original source using the Himalayan environment, authentic Buddhist meditation and local culture to self-discover, experience and transform.

To find out more about this special spiritual tours:

Russ Hewer


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