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Deep and Priya own this amazing place which is the ideal sanctuary to rest and relax after the journey from the UK. Priya provides homemade food and will accommodate any special requests. There is a short walk to a waterfall and to the local village. Russ can provide some meditation in the morning on the veranda shown above and we can arrange for yoga too.


We will stay two night here so that we are totally rested and recuperated for the journey to Namchi which will begin on the third day. It will also gets us to acclimatise to the higher altitude and to engage with the landscape. There will be an opportunity to see some of the projects that Deep has undertaken and it will all be done at a leisurely pace 


Priya will prepare a different breakfast for each morning which may include roti which is flatbread, dosas which are thin crepes made of lentils or Idlis which are steamed rice pancakes complete with different dips and chutneys. Spice potatoes may also be included. One of Deep's colleagues will deliver our food hot from the kitchen. Tea is kept warm in a flask and you can try the local tea from Temi Tea Plantation. 


The accommodation here is the hut shown in the top picture which houses a couple and a two double storey houses which can accommodate 8 people in all. The reason Karen and I love this place is because the way we are looked after and the remoteness of the valley landscape. There's a sacredness all around that's easy to connect with. 

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