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Yuksom has a natural beauty which has not be commercialised and is a great place to relax and unwind. The first king of Sikkim established the first monastery at Yuksom in Sikkim known as the Dubdri Monastery in 1701


The temple dedicated to the highest Lama,  Lutsum Chembo of the three Lamas. You can see he is depicted here in meditation pose and it said to have made an imprint of his foot in the stone adjacent to the coronation throne situated nearby 


Red Palace hotel in Yuksom has a beautiful decking at the rear and we  will be sampling the Sikkimese signature dish of momos here al fresco together with a beer or two. Momos are found in Tibet, Sikkim and Nepal and are steam dumplings filled with beef, chicken, pork or cottage cheese. Eating here is a vista never to be forgotten amongst the  high grey ridges of the mountains. There's a tranquillity here that brings a well earned rest during the tour.


What to see in Yuksom

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